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Know How to Control Football in Simple Steps

Ball control in football is the ability of a player to keep the ball under their control at all times. This means knowing how to trap the bal l, receiving the ball and passing the ball accurately.

Ball control is important in football because it allows players to keep poss ession of the ball and make plays. If a team cannot control the ball, they w ill quickly lose possession and the other team will have a chance to score.

3 simple steps to control in Football

There are different types of ball control in football, but the most importa nt thing is to be able to keep the ball under control at all times. This me ans knowing how to trap the ball, receive and pass the ball accurately.

The first step to good ball control is being able to trap the ball correctl y. When the ball is coming towards you, make sure you stop it dead in its tracks by using your foot, thigh or chest.

The second step is being able to receive the ball without it bouncing off yo u. This means keeping your body over the ball and using your softest part, s uch as your foot or thigh, to cushion the ball.

The third and final step is passing the ball accurately. This means kicking the ball with the inside of your foot and making sure you follow through wit h your kick.

Practice these three steps every day and you'll soon be a master of ball con trol!

Types of Ball controls in Football

  1. Grounded ball control:
  2. A player uses any part of their body except their hands or arms to ke ep the ball under control. This can be done by using the feet, legs, chest or head.

  3. In-air ball control:
  4. A player uses their hands or arms to keep the ball under control wh ile it is in the air. This is often seen when players are juggling the ball or when they are trying to pluck the ball out of the air.

  5. Both feet ball control
  6. A player uses both feet to keep the ball under control. This is oft en seen when players are trapping the ball or when they are making a pass.

  7. One-foot ball control
  8. A player uses one foot to keep the ball under control. This is ofte n seen when players are dribbling or when they are making a pass.

  9. No-look ball control
  10. A player keeps the ball under control without looking at it. This i s often seen when players are making a pass or when they are receiv ing the ball.

    With these different types of ball controls, any football player ca n now improve their game and become better at controlling the ball. Experiment with each type of ball control and find which one works best for you. With practice, you'll be able to master all of them!

Techniques for ball control in football

Now that you know the basics of ball control, let's move on to some more ad vanced techniques. One of these is called dribbling. Dribbling is when you k eep the ball close to your feet and use your body to shield it from your opp onents.

This is a great way to move up the pitch and create space for yourself or y our teammates. Another advanced technique is called first touch.

This is when you receive the ball and immediately pass it in one fluid moti on. This ensures that you don't lose possession of the ball and keeps your opponents guessing.

Mastering these advanced techniques will take time and practice, but once y ou've got them down you'll be an unstoppable force on the pitch! So there y ou have it, everything you need to know about ball control in football. Now go out and practice so you can show off your skills on the pitch!

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