The Poona Western Club

As the city expands towards the western side of Pune, so should the facilities to make the area a go-to destination for all Punekars.
The Poona Western Club (The PWC) is the answer to this demand. The PWC was brought into being as we felt the need for better amenities, sports facilities and family entertainment spaces on the western side of Pune.

The Club

Bringing People Together

The Poona Western Club is born out of conscious and careful planning to create positive spaces for individuals to interact and create memories for a lifetime. The PWC stands proudly on diverse pillars of art, culture, wellbeing, and sports. Our members will be able to de-stress, rejuvenate and spend quality time with their loved ones at the Club.


Creating Meaningful Experiences

Art is difficult to put in words. It encompasses everything that we feel. It is felt through each one of our five senses and the mind just tries to make sense of it. A painting, a story, a poem, a song, a photo each is a result of a feeling that originated within an artist. Research has shown that art affects the fundamental sense of self. Art has the power to alter one’s perception of life. Here at the PWC, members can immerse themselves & find inspiration, nudge their curiosities and share their visions through experiencing various forms of Art and Music.


Our Restaurant & Bar is a place where the staff not only knows your name but also your favourite drink.

As you walk in, our staff will greet you with a warm smile and some great menu suggestions.
It is our endeavour to know our members and their preferences.

Sip on some refreshing beverages at the Tea House or warm your hands with a hot cup of tea.

The charming old-school Tea House, with a fantastic view of the Maidan, will serve you your favourite coffees and teas along with select snacks.

Socialize in style with great cuisine and an unparalleled ambience.

As you watch a cricket match or simply sit back and relax with family and friends, enjoy a meal at The PWC restaurant. We will have ample menu choices for the young and the adults, or perhaps our chef will surprise you with a cool new dish he whipped up for you!

We will serve a variety of cuisines at our restaurant,
you name it & we have it.

  • Indian Cuisine
  • Pan Asian Cuisine
  • European Cuisine
  • Wood Fired Pizza
  • The Earth BBQ
Welcome to the Soho Bar

A happy place to celebrate, laugh or to enjoy a quiet evening in solitude. The club bar is a place where you can just walk in and meet the other club members. You’re sure to hear some interesting stories and indulge in rich discussions or perhaps find yourself amidst laugh riots. Mingle, chill, sing along, shake a leg and be merry.


A place for the connoisseurs of art, for the most ambitious of minds and for the lovers of sport, the PWC is a rich confluence of
cultures and skills and all this ably mounted on world-class comforts.


For those who take the sport seriously and see a future in playing professional for the joining a Cricket Academy is the perfect platform. The PWC has collaborated with the most recognized cricket coaching academy in Pune, ‘HK BOUNCE’ founded by certified coach Mr. Hemant Kinikar.

Certified coaches

Bowling machines to enhance coaching quality

Match experience for students to develop their skill sets


Our football academy will consist of coaches certified by the Football Federation of India and the Professional Footballer’s Association. The coaching offered at the PWC will be of the highest quality as India inches towards slowly becoming a footballing nation too.

Certified football coaches

Match strategy sessions

Match experience


Does your child hold aspirations to represent India in tennis some day? Look no further, the Tennis Academy at PWC is in the very able hands of Mr. Akshay Shahane a young, ambitious and talented player himself. Superior coaching facilities and personalized attention are a must and we ensure it at the academies at PWC.

National level players and certified coaches

Well-planned curriculum

Sport specific fitness training


Gymnastics is a great sport. It increases flexibility, body awareness, balance, strength and much more. A whole-body exercise which the PWC is proud to bring to you. The Gymnastics academy at the PWC is run by national and international level athletes and focusses on Rhythmic gymnastics. This is a form of gymnastics which includes performance while in rhythm and has been recently included as an Olympic sport.

Certified Coaches

Introduction to rhythmic gymnastics

Match experience


The runners high is a well known fact. That feeling of setting a goal and achieving it without giving up. Running is a limitless sport. No limit to what you can do whether you want to improve your timing at a 5 km race or aim to run a full marathon, it remains challenging and one of the most gratifying sport to have picked up in India in the past few years.

The PWC aims to collaborate with marathon runners, sprinters and iron man athletes across Pune and establish Running as a major offering through the club. Train on our lush green Maidan, sprint or use the gymnasium to strengthen your muscles. We would like our members, children and senior citizens, to take up this incredible sport.

Basics of running

Running techniques

Systematic goal-based plan

Race day preparations

Application Process

Club Tour

Take club tour. Fill applicaion form for screening.


Attend screening with club committee.

Membership Approval

Sign club T&C and make

Enjoy Membership

Receive membership card, gift vouchers & privileges document.

Near Chandani Chowk,
Next to SKYi Songbirds, Pune – 412115


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