Sports & Fitness

Learn to play a new sport or just get-together with your buddies for a friendly game.
Either way we have planned for the best of the sporting experiences for you & your Family.

We believe sports empowers human beings irrespective of age, gender or ability. Sport also has a crucial role to play in character building and has a very strong roll-on effect in one’s personal and professional life. Exercise of any form releases endorphins, which help improve our mood and sleep. Our aim at the Club is to help our members become physically and mentally stronger.



For those who take the sport seriously and see a future in playing professional for the joining a Cricket Academy is the perfect platform. The PWC has collaborated with the most recognized cricket coaching academy in Pune, ‘HK BOUNCE’ founded by certified coach Mr. Hemant Kinikar.

Certified coaches

Bowling machines to enhance coaching quality

Match experience for students to develop their skill sets


Our football academy will consist of coaches certified by the Football Federation of India and the Professional Footballer’s Association. The coaching offered at the PWC will be of the highest quality as India inches towards slowly becoming a footballing nation too.

Certified football coaches

Match strategy sessions

Match experience


Does your child hold aspirations to represent India in tennis some day? Look no further, the Tennis Academy at PWC is in the very able hands of Mr. Akshay Shahane a young, ambitious and talented player himself. Superior coaching facilities and personalized attention are a must and we ensure it at the academies at PWC.

National level players and certified coaches

Well-planned curriculum

Sport specific fitness training


Gymnastics is a great sport. It increases flexibility, body awareness, balance, strength and much more. A whole-body exercise which the PWC is proud to bring to you. The Gymnastics academy at the PWC is run by national and international level athletes and focusses on Rhythmic gymnastics. This is a form of gymnastics which includes performance while in rhythm and has been recently included as an Olympic sport.

Certified Coaches

Introduction to rhythmic gymnastics

Match experience


The runners high is a well known fact. That feeling of setting a goal and achieving it without giving up. Running is a limitless sport. No limit to what you can do whether you want to improve your timing at a 5 km race or aim to run a full marathon, it remains challenging and one of the most gratifying sport to have picked up in India in the past few years.

The PWC aims to collaborate with marathon runners, sprinters and iron man athletes across Pune and establish Running as a major offering through the club. Train on our lush green Maidan, sprint or use the gymnasium to strengthen your muscles. We would like our members, children and senior citizens, to take up this incredible sport.

Basics of running

Running techniques

Systematic goal-based plan

Race day preparations

Total  Development  Plan

Our Total Development Plan focuses on four major areas of development. Each child will be groomed in all the four areas for an all round development.

At the PWC we strongly believe in personal development via exposure to sport and physical fitness. This is why we have built a robust development plan which gives every child and adults a great opportunity to make the most of their time at our club. Effective coaching and mentoring cannot happen in isolation. It requires the right infrastructure, a positive environment for a sportsman to flourish, quality coaching and personalized fitness guidance.

Sports Technik

Mental Strength

Physical Fitness



Gym / Personal Trainer

By combining the science of physiology and biomechanics in all our training and coaching practices including the choice of fitness equipment, we have made it our sole objective to become the go-to fitness destination for not only the common masses but also for serious athletes. The gymnasium is often a key piece of the puzzle while training one’s body for speed, agility, balance, strength, and attaining top-notch performance regardless of your desired fitness goal.

We also offer the highest quality personal training by nationally and certified and experienced male and female trainers. What’s more? There’s sports nutrition guidance for enhancing performance and online fitness programs for clients who prefer working out at home. There are also group fitness classes for those who love working out in groups.

Certified personal trainers

Certified Sports nutritionists

Biomechanically advanced equipment


It’s time to roll out the yoga mat and mingle with fellow yogis in a holistic yoga session. Whether young or old, fit or getting there, yoga is for everyone. Build strength, increase flexibility, improve blood flow and calm your mind with yoga sessions at the PWC.

Online class booking facilities

Certified Yoga instructors

Guided flexibility training


Dance fitness is fun for all. It is not only effective at burning those stubborn calories but also extremely relaxing after a long day at work. Zumba mixes traditional toning exercises with dance moves and creates a very unique experience for the participants. We have certified Zumba and Aqua Zumba instructors who will ensure that you enjoy the classes and are left wanting for more!

Online class booking facilities

Certified zumba and aqua zumba trainers

Variety of dance workouts